Supply chains issues, climate crises, inflation, and war in Ukraine

Businesses and households across the world are caught in the multi-factor global socioeconomic headwinds which has created uncertainty in both business and household budgets. Planning ahead is therefore difficult as one cannot be certain as which way the economic headwinds are headed.

Amidst this confusion, businesses that take the time to strategise, plan, engage with their stakeholders, focus on customer needs and have good business advisers stand to gain the most from the uncertainty, and are likely to come out with improved market share, competitive edge and increased revenue.

Fred Michael & Co Ltd worked with businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic to navigate the hurdle to survive and remain profitable. And in these socioeconomic headwinds we work with businesses to explore the risks, threats and opportunities within their sectors on how to maximise the opportunities, handle the threats and minimise the risks.

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